Smart Albums

How We Start

After photography, the first task is to select best photos. In the era of Digital Photography photographers take lots of shots to make sure that he/she do not miss any occassion. However it is not feasible to print all the photos.

So what we offer is, we provide clients all the photos to select from. Clients can convinently select the photos they want and after that we start designing on selected photos.

In case you already had done photography, you can send us the photos directly to design photo prints.

How We Design

Design according to Occassion

Memories comes alive when it is represented with the environment you celebrated. Our designers at desk follows the same rule. They choose the proper designs from the largest collection of available backgrounds. So either it is Marriage Function, Birthday Party, Anniversary or Portfolio, we provide best.

Follow Simplicity

To make memories real, we focus on photos ! Nothing can make albums realistic and enjoyable but photos. So without designing unneccesary elements and texts, we simply make photos glow ! Thats why Simple is Smart !

Variety of Sizes

Everyone has different requirements, so we provide. We offer various sizes of photo albums according to occation. Each event albums suits in its own size. You can choose from variety of sizes available.

Cover Design

When everything inside is great, we make sure it looks great from outside also ! Here we are talking about binding of albums. We add photos to album covers also, so it feels completely your own. We provide lots of designs and varieties of material to make albums covers great by look and feel.