Smart Albums

Smart Albums is the No 1 Album Makers in Gujarat !

Smart Albums is the unit of Akash Video, a well known name in Wedding Photography Services. Smart Albums was founded with the aim of providing captured memories with high quality and long life albums ! Smart Albums are UV laminated using the latest technologies, manually binded and and carefully coverd ! We offer the best quality and beautiful albums which will store your memories for lifetime.

New In Town !
Breaking the rules, as always, we have again came up with new concept. Who said PhotoAlbums can be only square or rectangle ? Look, we've broke the rule again. Being ahead of all the competitors, we are introducing the various shaped albums. Impress your clients by giving them unique and out of the blue Photo Albums. Contact us for more designs and getting photo albums done.
Circle : In Trend.
Following the "Photos in Circle" trend like Facebook & Google, We've also introduced the Photo Albums in Circle shape ! This circle shape gives the minimalist design to the photos and best suites for the Candid Photography

Hexagone : Being Creative.
Hexagone shape gives you the space to show your creativity while designing photo pages. Come, show your creativity with diffrent types of the backrounds and designs.